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Places of Poetry

Presenting the best poems from the nationwide Places of Poetry project, selected from over 7,500 entries

Poetry lives in the veins of Britain, its farms and moors, its motorways and waterways, highlands and beaches.

This anthology brings together time-honoured classics with some of the best new writing collected across the nation, from great monuments to forgotten byways.

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What does Ireland's nature poetry say about us as a people? How does it speak to us of our past, our inheritance, the values to which we aspire? What clues lie within its language that connect us to our deeper selves and our place within our communities and environments?

As varied as our plants, animals and habitats, Windfall: Irish Nature Poems to Inspire and Connect presents a portrait of an ever-changing vista. Jane Carkill's captivating original illustrations of Ireland's rich and diverse natural world add to the sense of enchantment and wonder.

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Open-Eyed Front cover final.jpg

Open-Eyed, Full Throated: An Anthology of American /Irish Poets

Featuring 5 new poems from Siobhán Campbell.

Open-Eyed, Full-Throated introduces forty-four distinct voices, exploring the complexity and nuance of Irish culture, language, and society. Most of these poets share an Irish heritage, and the matter of Ireland—its landscapes, its myths, its literary riches, its vexed colonial past, its recent sectarian Troubles, its sexual repressions, its economic tribulations, its ecological challenges, its increasing cultural diversity—permeate its pages. In poems of loss, outrage, exhilaration, contemplation, and humor, the writers collected here offer responses to Ireland that intrigue, satisfy, and sustain.

Open- Eyed, Full- Throated


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Identity Parade Anthology.jpg

Identity Parade

New British & Irish Poets

Identity Parade presents new British and Irish poetry at a time of great vibrancy and variety. It is the first anthology to comprehensively represent the generation of poets who have emerged since the mid-1990s. Eclectic, diverse and wide-ranging in scope, the book fully reflects the climate of “the pluralist now”. It offers the work of 85 highly individual and distinctive talents whose poems display the breadth of styles and approaches characteristic of our current poetry.

These writers are prospering all over Britain and Ireland – from Shetland to Aberystwyth, from Gravesend to Galway – as well as further afield. Many new and undersung poets appear alongside this generation’s most celebrated names, and probably for the first time in any major poetry anthology, more women writers than men are featured. All the poets have either published first collections within the past 15 years or make their debut within the next year.

Identity Parade  


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Women's Work Anthology.jpg

Women's Work: Modern Women Poets Writing in English 

Three years in the making, and with over 250 contributors, this generous selection of poetry by women with an emphasis on twentieth-century poetry in English features poets from the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand.

In these 'Post-Feminist' times, is there a need for such a book? Is the literary establishment still as dominated by men as it once was? Who gets to decide the canon? Eva Salzman opens Women's Work with a lively polemic, making the case for the women-only anthology with characteristic wit and flair.

Arranged by thematic chapters that touch on various aspects of modern life, this anthology aims to be a touchstone of women's thoughts and experiences; to be entertaining and relevant as well as inclusive and representative of some of the best poetry published now. A thorough section devoted to author biographical details and credits will be of use to scholars and the curious who desire to read more work by the poets included.

Women's Work


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